Events across various formats, from conferences to workshops to roadshows, have the potential to create powerful outcomes and lasting impact.

We take events to a new level with our ability to deliver bespoke event experiences, curated with leading-edge content and the latest concepts. We combine event management expertise with a sound understanding of our clients’ strategic environment and goals to take responsibility for the full project management lifecycle, from planning to execution.

with lasting impact

Concept Development

Powerful events that deliver lasting impact start with powerful concepts. This is where we take a vision for an event and bring it to reality in unique ways. Drawing on our vast event experience and international network, we develop event concepts across various formats that are carefully aligned to the strategic objectives of our clients. We generate leading-edge content and incorporate the latest innovation in the events space to deliver the most powerful event experiences for participants.

Event Management

We bring proven expertise and experience in delivering best-in-class events across various formats and locations using robust management methodologies and processes. We can project manage events end-to-end or provide support specifically where needed. From concept development to pre-event planning and operational execution, whether logistics or managing the full spectrum of stakeholders, including vendors, sponsors, and media, we know what it takes to run seamless event operations.

Event Marketing

A successful event needs to hit the mark with marketing. We have the expertise to develop and execute integrated marketing campaigns for launch events or for scaling established events to the next level. We know how what it takes to optimize visibility in a crowded market by engaging and attracting the right audiences and winning the support of strategic partners to achieve shared aims and objectives together.

Event Digital

We build outstanding digital platforms for events that ensure a seamless, user-friendly experience, from start to finish. From building an online brand to delegate registration and audience engagement, our web and mobile applications will help streamline event operations and strengthen audience engagement and experience for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events across various formats.

Public Sector

To succeed in a technologically disruptive environment, government, national security, and defense must be equipped to undertake strategic transformation. Through strategic foresight and scenario planning, we help deliver insights and analysis that sheds light on key trends and enable better planning and investment toward future needs. We help build strategies that better align with transformative goals, implementing and managing change, and building cultures to embrace innovation which will push the boundaries of performance in the future.

Commercial Sector​

The technology and commercial landscape for defense, national security, and government customers will look very different within the next few years. We help commercial companies be better prepared and better positioned for future challenges. Whether it is consolidating market position, developing a market strategy for a new brand, product, or technology, or projecting a corporate message more powerfully, we help clients in industry optimize their return on investment with creative solutions that will deliver more powerful outcomes and effects.