Communications are vital for effectively building positive reputations and protecting long-term interests in a complex strategic and operational environment.

We help clients clarify, persuade and ensure the right message reaches the right audience at the right time. From political communications and advocacy to CSR and marketing communications, we help curate authentic, compelling narratives to help our clients to overcome reputational challenges.

Shaping perceptions

Political Communications + Advocacy

Putting the right case before the right audience in a timely manner is vital in today’s highly connected world. Through more effective political communications and advocacy campaigns, it is possible to shape political debates, change perceptions, and influence outcomes positively. We help to develop compelling messages informed by deep insights from trusted experts and influencers and then assist in putting these in front of critical audiences.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)​

We help clients establish strong CSR profiles with visibility that strengthens relationships and reputations with key stakeholders. CSR has become a highly valuable source of achieving competitive advantage. We can help develop and execute CSR initiatives that assist clients in projecting their market position, focus on key commercial issues, and spotlight their commitment to complex social challenges all at once.

Marketing Communications

Whether the challenge is market entry or expansion, our data-driven marketing solutions will drive top-line growth and customer loyalty through action-focused, integrated, and often disruptive campaigns. Our approach focuses on deepening engagement with customers in defense, national security, and government markets to raise awareness and influence spending decisions more powerfully. 

Content Writing + Creation

We stand apart from content writing and creative agencies with our ability to produce material that creates effective connections with customers in defense, national security, and government. We develop specially curated content for product information marketing, corporate materials, and press releases by using sector-specific concepts and language in ways generalists cannot.

Commercial Sector​

The technology and commercial landscape for defense, national security, and government customers will look very different within the next few years. We help commercial companies be better prepared and better positioned for future challenges. Whether it is consolidating market position, developing a market strategy for a new brand, product, or technology, or projecting a corporate message more powerfully, we help clients in industry optimize their return on investment with creative solutions that will deliver more powerful outcomes and effects.

Public Sector

To succeed in a technologically disruptive environment, government, national security, and defense must be equipped to undertake strategic transformation. Through strategic foresight and scenario planning, we help deliver insights and analysis that sheds light on key trends and enable better planning and investment toward future needs. We help build strategies that better align with transformative goals, implementing and managing change, and building cultures to embrace innovation which will push the boundaries of performance in the future.